Looking for a top rated Lake Okeechobee Airboat Tour?  You have come to the right place.

Big “O” Tours Lake Okeechobee Airboat Tours are the best in the business.  

We offer much more than a simple airboat ride.  Our tours are designed to be an entertainment package that is sure to thrill the whole family.

Believe us when we say this is one ride you do not want to miss!

Tour features:

  • Safe for the entire family.
  • Exhilarating rides in our custom airboat.
  • Scenic tour of Lake Okeechobee and the untamed wildlife.
  • Certified Coast Guard Captain with over 30 years experience on the Lake.
  • Highly Rated – Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our reviews speak for themselves!
  • Custom tours available – call and ask for details

Best Tours In The Business

Over 30 Years of  Lake Okeechobee Tour Guide Experience – Coast Guard Certified Captain – Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Airboat Tours

Join us for an exhilarating airboat tour on beautiful Lake Okeechobee with our certified Coast Guard approved Captain.  Come see the beauty of the lake as only one can on a flat bottomed airboat.


Scenic Tours

Looking for a bit of a slower paced tour?  Sign up for one of our scenic deck boat tours and enjoy all the lake has to offer.  Our professionally guided tours include sight seeing as well as wilderness and wildlife exploration.

Big O Airboat Tours provides an exciting tour on the Everglades swamps of Lake Okeechobee. You can see alligators, birds and creatures of Florida. The tour is both educational and informative-great family fun!
Trip Advisory Member
Been coming here for years, best way to see Lake Okeechobee by far.
Stephen F.
We saw many Big alligators & lots of beautiful birds. Loved it
Wendy F.

Have you ever wanted to go on a Lake Okeechobee airboat tour?

Big “O” Tours can make your dreams into a reality! If you are looking for the best Lake Okeechobee airboat tours, this is the right page for you to find that. What we offer is not just the ride, but the whole entertainment package that is sure to thrill the whole family.

Believe us when we say this is one ride you do not want to miss! Our airboat tour will take you around the scenic Lake Okeechobee. We will take you on a backwater journey that will leave you breathless as you witness the raw and untamed wildlife around you.

What happens during our Lake Okeechobee Boat Tours?

It is an understatement to say that this ride will be a captivating experience. Excuse us when we say this, but this is one ride that will blow your mind! You won’t be able to take your eyes off the wildlife that you will see. And while you are feasting your eyes, we will give you an entertaining commentary from the Captain of the boat. The headphones we will provide will not only protect your hearing from the environment, it is also meant to make the ride even more exciting!

Listen to the tales of the past when the lake was a water source for the Everglades. Discover how all of these have changed over time and how the lake is now the natural habitat of several endangered species – like the Florida Alligator, American Bald Eagle, Snowy White Egrets and Great Blue Heron. Find out how the government is taking careful measures to make sure that this lake and the wildlife living in it stays safe.

Apart from the experience, we will also assure you that Big “O” Tours are safe and facilitated by an expert. Our “Captain” is a Coast Guard certified guide and he has decades of experience behind him. He is one of the most respected and reliable guides on Lake Okeechobee. He is one entertaining Captain who will provide you with fascinating commentaries about the intercoastal waterways, Hoover Dike, and of course, the Lake Okeechobee.

Why go on a Big “O” Tour?

Why go on another tour when you can choose the best? Big “O” specializes in tours that are customized to fit your personal needs. If you wish to go on a solitary trip around the lake, let us know in advance and we will arrange it for you. If you want to concentrate on viewing the Florida Alligators, we can arrange that for you. If your interest centers on the endangered birds in Lake Okeechobee, that is something that we can do for you.

We can cater to a couple or a group of family or friends. We can make it as safe and tamed or as adventurous as you want. Tell us what would make the airboat tour special and we will work on meeting that.

Our guide knows Lake Okeechobee like the back of his hand. You will learn a lot just by listening to his wild (but truthful) tales.

Or tours come in various packages that are inexpensive and comprehensive too. You will find it to be cost-friendly and worth every penny. We would be happy to discuss our rates and the inclusions in our package. Just visit our Contact page and we would love to arrange everything so you can have the ride of your life in Lake Okeechobee.

What else can Big “O” Tours offer?

If you are looking for comfortable accommodations, there are various hotels, resorts and camping grounds in the surrounding marina. You can even drive your RV and stay in the RV park.

All of this combined makes our company at the top-of-the-line. We have been rated by a lot of customers and our enthusiastic clients found our tours to be quite educational and informative. Just ask them, they will gladly make a referral for our professionalism and work ethic.

If you want to know, there is a reason why we call ourselves the Big “O” Tours. We can and we will give you an Outstanding experience that you will never forget –  guaranteed!